Podcast Episode 001

Judges sampling first entry

I’ve been talking to Brian at WRDN 1430 since April of 2013. They are a local radio station and once a month I go in to talk about homebrewing and what the Menomonie Homebrewers Club is doing.

This interview was taken from October 25, 2013. There was a lot happening we discuss in this visit.

Judges sampling first entryA local “Iron Brewer” competition that was organized by the head brewer of Lucette Brewing in Menomonie, WI. A bracketed competition that started with unusual ingredients in the first round, second round was a specific ingredient and a technique. The third round will take away an essential ingredient from a particular beer style, and we’ll learn in late December what the final round will involve.

We discuss making crystal malt at home to add flavor and color to beer.

The Menomonie Homebrewers club will be hosting a Learn to Homebrew Day event in conjunction with the AHA and Beverage Artisan. It’s a great opportunity to learn about homebrewing, meet fellow brewers and sample a variety of homebrewed beer.

The Menomonie homebrewers club will be hosting their annual club competition on November 4, 2013. The style is Octoberfest, and the competition is always a good time.

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