Add a Bulkhead to Your Brewing Vessels

Kettle with bulkhead and ball valve

Why do I Need a Ball Valve?

Until you have a bulkhead and ball valve in your kettle, you don’t know what you’re missing. It’s a simple addition that changed the way I brew.

Installing a weldless bulkhead is not complex. If you already have a drill, everything else is linked below.I drilled 13/16” hole for the bulkhead so everything would fit a little bit tighter.

Be safe!

Don’t operate power tools while under the influence. Make sure you wear eye protection and hearing protection.

The ball valve I selected was what I felt met the needs for a hot liquor tank. There isn’t anywhere to attach devices inside the kettle since there won’t be anything to filter out. Below, there is a link to a bulkhead with a coupler for adding screens, tubes, inside the kettle.


Kettle with bulkhead and ball valvePlan out the placement for the ball valve to meet your needs. Depending on the way your system is laid out, having the valve centered between the handles may be ideal, but when I used the kettle for #LearnToHomebrewDay, I loved having the valve underneath the handle. It made the empty kettle easier to carry, and I didn’t bang it against the doorframe like I do with my other kettle.

A Few Options

The ball valve and bulkhead used in this video is simple, and would not work if you want to attach screens, dip tubes or anything else inside the kettle. However, if you have a flat-bottomed kettle and don’t see the need for anything inside the vessel, this is a great option: (Amazon)

If you do want to be able to add filters, screens, tubes, or anything else to the inside of your kettle, I would recommend a model with a coupler on the inside. (Adventures in Homebrewing)

Additional Equipment:

3-Piece Step Drill Bit Set (Amazon)

Cutting Fluid (Amazon)

12-Volt Cordless Drill: (Amazon) – This is the model I have. It worked great for the lightweight kettle I modified, but if you have a heavy duty kettle, you will want a drill with a stronger motor.

Safety Gear

Hearing Protection: (Amazon)

Eye Protection: (Amazon)

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