Brewing up a Great 2015!

Rubber Band Brewing

2014 was a great year! I brewed about 90 gallons of tasty beer, and while not every batch didn’t turn out as expected, they were delicious.

Looking back, the year wrapped up with Christmas and I got a couple awesome presents from my family.

Goodnight Brew

Goodnight Brew bookAs a father, I spent many nights for about 3 consecutive years reading Goodnight Moon. My wife came across a parody book named Goodnight Brew that combined those memories of reading a night-time story to my kids with a story about beer. Who could ask for more?

The colors, artwork and word choice are similar to the contents of the kids book, but the content is much more beer-oriented than the original. Obviously, that is why this book struck such a chord for me.

New Brewing Equipment

Other presents included a 6.5 gallon carboy and a refractometer with ATC.

Great Brew Gear

Rubber Band BrewingBut my most favorite brew setup was given to me by my daughter. She is twelve years old, and obsessed with creating animals and jewelry with rubber bands. She put her skills to the task of making me a brewhouse. Complete with mash paddle, carboy, bottles of beer and mugs of beer.

Awesome Events

Iron Brewer 2014 wrapped up on January 10th. It was a great event, with a repeat victor! Congratulations to Ryan Verdon, who won the competition that started in September. Jon Christiansen and I will be planning Iron Brewer 2015 in the near future so we can get the competition started earlier in the year. There will be some changes from 2014, some things that will bring us back to the inaugural competition of the Iron Brewer Competition, and input from participants that will make Iron Brewer 2015 the best event yet.

Trying Lots of Stuff

Audio & Video Adventures

In 2015, I will be discussing many aspects of home brewing. There are so many areas and interested that tie in to the brewing process and beer enjoyment. I have planned at least two different brewing experiments that I will be discussing as they happen.

One of my goals for this year is to post more videos to my Superbrewers Channel on Youtube. Right now, most of them are related to Iron Brewer 2014. More will be related to #homebrewwednesday.

Festivals and Contests

I will be attending the Fond du Lac Brewfest in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. A bunch of guys from my home-brew club, the Menomonie Homebrewers, are traveling down for the fest to pour our beers and sample from the other clubs and commercial breweries that will be there. If you are there, please find me and say, “Hi.”

I hope to be involved with several contests this year. I will be helping coordinate the home-brew competition for the Dunn County Fair, and will once again be helping coordinate the Iron Brewer 2015 along with the head brewer from Lucette Brewing. It’s going to be loads of fun!

Stay tuned!

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