SuperBrewers Podcast 051 – Getting in to Homebrewing

What’s in the Glass?!

I review a cherry-smoked saison I made a while ago, and wish had turned out just a little more like I expected.

What’s in the Fermenter?!

Checking the temperature at #BigBrewMay 5, 2018, was the 2018 AHA Big Brew. My local club, the Menomonie Homebrewers’ Club, brewed 3  batches of beer at our local homebrew shop.

About 10-15 people stopped by to ask questions about brewing, see parts of the process and ask questions about getting in to the hobby.

I made a simple batch with 6.6 pounds of Briess Light Pils Liquid Malt Extract and 1 pound of aromatic malt I allowed to warm along with the water. I added German Opal hops for bittering, Tettnang at 30 minutes and Huell Melon at 15 minutes for a beer with an original gravity of 1.039.

How Can You get in to #Homebrewing?

I talk about some of my thoughts on getting in to homebrewing. There are some things homebrewers don’t offer as advice that are a disservice to new brewers:

  1. Think about what you want to get out of brewing, in addition to having beer at the end of the process. This can affect decisions about designing your system.
  2. What are your space limitations? Most people think about fermenting space, but how much room do you have for equipment and also for beer you are serving?
  3. Do you want to bottle or would filling kegs make more sense for you? Keg systems are more expensive than bottles, but have many advantages.

Once you think about those items, make sure you join an experienced brewer, if possible. Go through the entire process, not just brew day.

SuperBrewers 50 – 3 Reasons Why You Should Make Beer at Home

Homebrewing beer is a great hobby. If you love beer, you should give it a try.

What’s in the glass?!

Hop Viking Glass & Homebrew in a Can
Cool glass & great beer from a friend.

While recording, I enjoyed a fantastic Mexican Porter from Everty Brewing, a friend and Youtuber. Check out his channel. He makes good beer, and he’s a good guy.

What’s in my fermenter(s)!

Active Fermentation of Porter

My fermenters are full. I have 3 fermenters happily bubbling away. I have 5 gallons of my Memorial Porter recipe happily bubbling away, fermenting with Fermentis US-05.

I did a double brew-day, and have 10 gallons of hoppy wort I split between a healthy lager yeast and Omega Yeast Labs’ #Hothead yeast.

Making Beer at Home is Awesome!

  1. Pale Wort fermenting with Omega #HotheadUnderstanding flavor development in beer.
  2. Making beer that isn’t commercially available in your area.
  3. Trying different ingredients and processes to experiment with different flavors.

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Brew up an adventure!