Podcast Episode #16 – Maple Sapping

I talked with Gregg Pittman of Pittman’s Maple Syrup in Arkansaw, WI. I asked him about what it would take to get started collecting maple sap to make maple syrup. I learned quite a bit about the process, equipment and weather needed for good maple syrup production.

Half Pint EvaporatorIf you are thinking about getting into making maple syrup at home, you might want to give Gregg a call to get set up right. Don’t plan on using your brew kettle, or you’ll end up using a lot more propane than if you get a pan designed for the job. They have a whole range of products to meet the needs of a small to large syrup producing operation.

Pittman’s Maple SyrupW8337 County Road X
Arkansaw, WI 54721

Gregg & Debbi Pittman

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