Podcast Episode #17 – Fermenting in Bags?

A discussion came up at a homebrew club meeting, and Kris took it as an imperative to try something new. He lined his fermenter with a food-safe plastic bag and it changed his fermenting life.

Listen in as we talk about how it changed his process, and figure out if this might be something you want to try out.

Here is a link to the bags Kris used: Order Here – make sure you get the 18″ x 30″ bags so they fit.

If you prefer to order stuff through Amazon, this link is to 18 x 24 bags (Affiliate link). These bags will be a tighter fit in your ale pail since they are closer to the size of the turkey bags discussed in our talk.

Have you ever tried this? Let me know if this is something you’d be willing to try. I’m definitely going to do this.

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