SuperBrewers 50 – 3 Reasons Why You Should Make Beer at Home

Hop Viking Glass & Homebrew in a Can

Homebrewing beer is a great hobby. If you love beer, you should give it a try.

What’s in the glass?!

Hop Viking Glass & Homebrew in a Can
Cool glass & great beer from a friend.

While recording, I enjoyed a fantastic Mexican Porter from Everty Brewing, a friend and Youtuber. Check out his channel. He makes good beer, and he’s a good guy.

What’s in my fermenter(s)!

Active Fermentation of Porter

My fermenters are full. I have 3 fermenters happily bubbling away. I have 5 gallons of my Memorial Porter recipe happily bubbling away, fermenting with Fermentis US-05.

I did a double brew-day, and have 10 gallons of hoppy wort I split between a healthy lager yeast and Omega Yeast Labs’ #Hothead yeast.

Making Beer at Home is Awesome!

  1. Pale Wort fermenting with Omega #HotheadUnderstanding flavor development in beer.
  2. Making beer that isn’t commercially available in your area.
  3. Trying different ingredients and processes to experiment with different flavors.

Help me out

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Brew up an adventure!

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