Briess is Focusing on Homebrewers

Aaron Discussing Briess Ingredients

Learning Opportunities

Learn to Homebrew Day is always a great time, and I always learn something. But it’s not every year I get the chance to sit down with the Homebrew Products Manager from Briess Malt and Ingredient Supply.

Aaron Hyde has been with Briess for a few years now, and his experience as a homebrewer and homebrew shop owner has given him the experience to understand ways Briess can serve the homebrewing market.

The passion Aaron has for brewing runs in the family. I was able to interview him while we were in Beverage Artisan, a shop owned by Aaron’s father, Doug.

New products aimed at the homebrewer have Aaron excited about the possibilities open to extract brewers in controlling the flavors in their beer. Briess recently released two single-malt varieties of liquid malt extract(LME) to the homebrew market: Pale Ale LME and Goldpils Vienna. These products allow brewers to know exactly what’s going into their beer.

Stay tuned for more interviews from Learn to Homebrew Day!

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