Hop Poles and Iron Brewer 2015

Home-harvest hop poles waiting for twine

Bringing HopHome-harvest hop poles waiting for twines Home

My mother-in-law has grown hops at her house for me for the last several years. This year, I am establishing a small hop garden in my back yard. I started with two varieties: cascade and centennial.

They’ve been in the ground a bit more than a month at this point, and the cascades are really taking off. The plants are about 14 inches tall, and are growing every day.

When laying out my garden, I separated the two varieties by about 10 yards to prevent confusion at harvest time.

Putting the tree in placePole Dancing

No, I haven’t tried swinging on the poles, since I’m pretty sure I’d knock them over, plus coordination can be a challenge for my 6’8″ frame. But I did have to do some funky moves to harvest the poles and get them into place.

Owning a large patch of trees allowed me to find a tall, skinny maple tree to use for the poles. The tree was probably about 40 feet tall, and I cut a 15-foot pole and a 14-foot pole. The tree was crowded where it was in our woods, so it grew tall and skinny.

I dug holes about 3 feet deep to anchor the poles in place, dropped the tree parts into place and compressed the dirt back into the holes. Hopefully they are secure enough, but I can make adjustments when problems arise.

Bracket from round 2Get Ready for Battle!

Registration for Iron Brewer 2015 is open!

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