Irish Red Ale, Growlers, and Making Ethanol – Podcast #37

Red Ale at WRDN

On Friday, March 27 I got to visit with Brian at WRDN radio in Durand. I shared a homebrewed Irish red ale.

Brian had recently visited a local ethanol plant, so we talked about the similarities and differences between the fermentation process in home brewing versus making ethanol. In addition to centrifuge to get pure alcohol, they also add some chemicals to make ethanol unfit for human consumption.

The ethanol plant uses red star yeast in 750-pound increments, and has to use a heat exchanger to keep the temp cool enough to prevent killing off the yeast.

Half-GrowlerGrowlers are a package popular with craft breweries and brew-pubs. These packages allow beer to be packaged off the taps at a bar or other establishment, and also allow smaller breweries to make their beer available for sale without the investment of a mechanized bottling or canning line. We discuss half-gallon and 32-ounce sizes.

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