It’s Not ALL about the Beer?! – Podcast #35

hand-carved tap handle

Banjo BurnerOne of the things I love about home brewing is the way it ties in to so many areas of life: cooking, woodworking, computers, technology, socializing, electrical wiring, problem solving, remodeling, safety, and the list goes on.

Brewing process can be tweaked in so many ways: different kettles, burners, wind protectors, carboys, and fermenters. Many of us have made equipment to help in the brewing process. I made my mash tun from a cooler, I bought a modified keg from someone with more metalworking skill than me. As we become more experienced with brewing, we get ideas for ways to make our process smoother.

I have the parts to build a PID-based temperature controller for brewing/mashing and it should be able to be used to control fermentation temps, as well. This will allow me to learn more about wiring electrical projects safely, thankfully I have some friends who will be able to review my work before I bet my life on it.

I have heard stories about home brewers creating ways to control their fermentations using equipment that doesn’t immediately seem related. Home brewing allows us to explore related topics in the pursuit of making better beer.

hand-carved tap handleOne of my interests is in woodworking, but I haven’t worked on a project in several years. However, this year I hand-carved my first tap handle. I haven’t even built the collar for my keezer yet, but I have my first tap handle! Now I’m saving up my funds to get the collar built and the tap line set up.

I also have plans to build a stand for brewing so I don’t have to lift a filled mash tun from the garage floor onto the 30-inch box I use to drain into buckets since the kettle is in use.

I am also working on creating videos that will be uploaded to my Youtube channel. Make sure you subscribe over there for some videos about homebrewing, beer tastings and other related information.

What other interests or opportunities has home brewing opened for you? Have any of them eclipsed making beer, or are they still in support of brewing? Post your thoughts below.

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