Podcast #28 – Homemade Hard Cider

Apples fresh from the trees

Apples fresh from the treesAutumn is the time for apples, so talking about hard cider seemed appropriate for October.

A friend got me interested because of an experiment he did last year, and the side-effect was that we discovered my wife likes hard cider. Now I’m on a mission to make one she likes.

I talk about the experiment my friend did, and also about my own experience with my first batch of cider.

My first batch hasn’t been back-sweetened yet, so it’s tart at the moment. I’m looking forward to getting some apple juice concentrate in there to bring out some of the sweet. juicy aromas of apples.

I also had an opportunity to help press cider this year with a friend’s dad and I talk a little bit about that experience. I look forward to helping out again with that.

More fresh applesPlease leave a comment below about your experience making cider, and if you have any experience making hard cider. Or just leave your thoughts about what you love in a good cider.

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