Podcast #29 – Home-Roasting Grain

side by side golden malt

Jason Johnson, author of Roasted: A Homebrewer’s Guide to Home Roasting Grain joins me to talk about roasting grains at home to add a personal touch that can result in more flavor, added character, and more pride in the finished product.

As home brewers, we already take pride in making the best beer we can, and a great way to add flavors that are not available from commercially produced malts is to roast your own specialty grains at home.

In this episode, we talk about what it takes to roast non-crystal specialty malts at home. This is a great way to start adding another personal touch to the flavor of your beers.

side by side golden malt
Jason posted this picture of a home-roasted golden malt next to the original base malt.

With a simple sheet pan, an oven, and a timer, you can start playing with the base malts you add to your beer. Making a darker version of your preferred base malt doesn’t take much extra equipment, just a little extra planning and some patience.

You will want to let your fresh-roasted malt rest for at least a week before using to allow some of the unpleasant compounds to off-gas.

While there is no special equipment needed for developing malts with colors up to amber, you may want to purchase a nut roaster if you want to try making chocolate malt or roasted barley.

Jason JohnsonJason has been enjoying great beer since 1995, and began pursuing home brewing with a passion in 2003. Since then, he has entered and medaled in multiple home brewing competitions. He worked his way up to a nationally-ranked BJCP judge and exam grader with the Beer Judge Certification Program.

He is a member of the Manty Malters home-brew club in Manitowoc, WI and is an active participant in many of the clubs activities. Please contact him through his website at BarleyPopMaker.info or on Facebook.

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