Podcast #31 – Limoncello: A Drink of a Different Color

Picture from LimoncelloQuest.com

I am joined by Ben Perry of LimoncelloQuest.com to discuss his personal pilgrimage to create the perfect limoncello. The process is very different from brewing beer, but is definitely something I plan to do in the near future.

Definitely check out his web site in depth, as well as instructions for how to make limoncello.

Picture from Ben Perry
Picture from Ben Perry

The process seems relatively straightforward, you start with spirits and zest and combine them to make your base.

Ben has an extensive collection of commercial limoncello reviews. If you want to learn about which brands to try, his reviews are a great starting point.

What spirits do you enjoy? Scroll down and leave a comment about whether you’ve tried limoncello or if there’s another spirit you prefer.

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