Podcast Episode #18 – Friday with Brian

American Pale AleThe last Friday of each month, I get to chat with Brian Winnikins from WRDN 1430 about homebrewing. WRDN is located in Durand, WI but you can listen online.

Half Pint EvaporatorIn this recording, from Friday March 28, we discussed a wide range of topics: my homemade pale ale, tapping maple trees and giving up food for lent.


2 thoughts on “Podcast Episode #18 – Friday with Brian”

  1. I recently started listening to your podcasts. I’ve listened to the last six. This was one of your most entertaining episodes because the radio dude was asking all kinds of questions and you were able to show your vast knowledge on a wide range of topics. A very good show. Thanks.

  2. Thanks, ParisBrewer. Brian is a lot of fun to talk to, plus it’s a great way to start off a Friday. I will be posting more episodes soon, there have been some significant changes in my life and things are starting to get back to normal.

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