What’s Behind SuperBrewers.com?

Original ideas
Original ideas
Don’t let A.D.D. ruin your brew day.

SuperBrewers.com started with a single idea – brewing great beer doesn’t require super powers. Beer has been made for thousands of years before our current understanding of sanitization, process control and yeast variety.

Frankly, I was surprised that SuperBrewers.com was still available, thinking that someone with more knowledge and experience than me would have thought of this domain name. Since I am continually learning about brewing and pushing myself to find new and interesting ways to make beer, I bought the domain with tongue firmly planted in cheek.

There are lots of people who know more than I do about brewing. Others may be better technical brewers, but I love beer . . . maybe as much as you do. Join me as I explore the world of beer. Together, let’s brew up an adventure.


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