How do You Know You’re a Beer Nerd?

Large Batch Brew Kettle

You won’t shut up about it.

OK, while this statement is true, and many people say in a disparaging way, I wear it as a badge of honor. Yes, I love beer and I love homebrewing.

I’ve been homebrewing for about 13 years. My obsession grew from the point where I had a table and a shelf in a corner of the basement and a small space in the garage to the point where I had a large workbench in the garage and a full room in the basement of our last house.

The picture below is from 2012, when I jumped from a 5 gallon stock pot to a converted keg to brew 10 gallon batches.

Large Batch Brew Kettle
One of my first ten gallon batches, splitting in to two fermentation vessels.

Really . . . I don’t shut up about it.

My wife is amazing. She doesn’t even like beer (she tried every batch and lots of commercial examples for the first 5 years), but she puts up with me tying many of our conversations to beer and brewing.

Whether we were discussing homeschooling techniques, business, or any other topic under the sun, I usually find a way to tie concepts to brewing. Sometimes it takes a while to explain the connection my brain made, but it comes through eventually.

It’s OK

Even if people make fun of how much you talk about beer, brewing, and/or snowboarding(not that I’m talking about myself), it’s OK. When you find activities you truly enjoy, it’s a good thing you want to share them.

Be proud of your beer-nerd-ness. You never know where it may lead. Mine led me to come up with ideas for some nerdy beer shirts. Please consider buying one if you’re interested.

The Beeratic Equation

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